About Us

Darrell S. Waisberg has handled a great variety of  divorce and family law cases. While believing that parties should always  try to settle their cases before a Judge injects his or
                        her will into their lives, Mr. Waisberg is very  comfortable and does some of his best work in the courtroom.

Not shy or timid, Mr.  Waisberg argues strenuously for his client's rights to ensure that each  client not only gets the best possible representation but also the best  possible result.

At the law firm of Darrell S.  Waisberg, we understand that the breakup of a family or custody battles  are the most psychologically devastating events that a person can  experience. We understand that, in addition to the legal issues, there  are psychological and emotional issues that must be dealt with as well.

This unique ability to  understand the emotional aspects of what you are living through, the  high level of legal expertise and the ability to advocate effectively in  the courtroom for you is why Mr. Waisberg continues to provide legal  counsel as a family law lawyer with over 18 years experience.