Family Law

People and relationships change over time. It is estimated that over 50% of couples dissolve their marriage. Dissolution of marriage has become a normal reality of life for many, if not the majority, of married couples. As with many other transitions in life, you can decide how you will react to and manage this change. The end of a marriage or long-term committed relationship usually involves a change in multiple relationships. Your choices will effect not only your own well-being, but your children, your family, and your friends. For that reason, it is important to examine your goals and choose a process that is consistent with your well-being. Although there is an important legal aspect to this transition, whenever possible, the legal aspect should compliment rather than supplant your goals.

  •     Divorce Proceedings
  •     Separation
  •     The preparation and negotiation of domestic contracts including marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, paternity agreements and separation agreements.
  •     Negotiating parenting rights and responsibilities.
  •     Child custody
  •     Access
  •     Spousal Support / Child Support

If you are separated or are thinking of separating, it is a good idea to speak to Darrell S. Waisberg & Associates about your situation. We can give you specific information about the law and tell you how it might affect you.